Kim Kardashian's Game Adds Secret Energy Spots

There are only 10 days until Christmas and instead of buying gifts you should totally be tapping away in Kim Kardashian's iPhone game to earn free energy. As her holiday present to her fans, she's upped the stakes and added 25 new energy locations in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. That's right, in addition to the usual spots you could always find free money, points, and lighting bolts (like lamp posts, signs, and skateboards), Kimmy's added a bunch of holiday-themed hiding places. If you haven't downloaded her holiday update yet, go do that now because there's free energy out there just waiting to be clicked on.

The secret spots come all shapes and sizes from wreaths and stockings to Christmas trees and gingerbread houses. If you know where to look you'll be able to refill your energy bar in no time and keep working your way up to meeting Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian in the game.

In addition to her holiday energy sources, Kim's game developers added a soft snowfall to all of her New York and California locations so you can get in the winter spirit while you search for lightning bolts. Check out the helpful location guide below and get tapping. You never know what you might find behind these holiday treats!


Head into Lif and tap the wreath on the wall and the stocking on the bar for added points!


Muse Magazine is decorated for the season with a wreath, giant tree, and a nutcracker figurine. Tap all three to boost your energy levels. Then head inside Oak and click the wreath and stocking on the right side of the restaurant.


This NYC area comes outfitted with a bunch of holiday clickables. From left to right be sure you don't miss the nutcracker, gingerbread house, Christmas tree, and door wreath. Four chances to score!

Downtown LA

This Cali location gives you five opportunities to score lightning bolts. Tap the stocking on Pop Glam, the nutcracker, wreath, and tree by DeLuxe Apartments, and the gingerbread house outside of So Chic.

Beverly Hills

Kimmy really heaped on the decorations for this spot. There are nine hidden energy sources here. Travel through the city from left to right to collect energy from the gingerbread house, wreath, nutcracker, stocking, and Christmas tree. Then head inside Kim's mansion for another four decorations.

Inside her sprawling house are two wreaths (on either side of the door) and stockings on the left and right sides of the room.

Happy holidays and happy tapping!

Images: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (7)