7 Ingredients Banned in Other Countries That Are Legal in the U.S.

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A few months ago, the makers of Fireball suffered a controversy when some European countries began recalling the drink for including propylene glycol, an ingredient found in antifreeze. Turns out, propylene glycol is illegal in Europe, but perfectly okay in the United States.

The makers of Fireball now have two versions they sell, one containing this ingredient that gets sent out to the United States, and another without that goes to Europe. You may be scratching your head thinking “Huh?” Why would they send people in the U.S. a different product?

Despite efforts to regulate food safety, the FDA allows many ingredients in the U.S. that have been banned in other countries. Although these ingredients have been deemed safe or are said to need further testing, you may want to consider eliminating them from your diet, as there usually good reasons these other places have made them illegal.

Next time you’re purchasing a food product, look out for these potentially dangerous ingredients that have been banned in other countries.

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