8 Christmas Presents You Wanted in the '90s Versus What You Want Now

There's no getting around it — Christmas is just different these days. By that, I mean different compared to how the holiday used to be when we were kids. It's not as thrilling, because we know our gifts don't come from the North Pole and aren't delivered by a big jolly man dressed in red that crawls down our chimneys at night. That concept used to be exciting. We'd actually welcome that strange immortal man with a plate of cookies and a tall glass of milk or eggnog. It's also not as carefree, because homemade ornaments using markers, yarn, and popsicle sticks are not suitable gifts anymore. We actually have to spend our hard-earned cash buying things for our loved ones.

In many ways though, Christmas is a lot more fun. We get to take credit for all the gifts we give others. We now have our own money to spend on people we love. We can drink all the holiday cocktails. We can have sugar cookies for dinner, and we can stay up as late as we want. And our taste in gifts has changed drastically. Sure, we still want toys and clothes and electronics, but the choices are much cooler and more fun to play with. Here are eight types of holiday gifts we wanted as a kid versus what we want now.

1. Toys

Then: Anything shiny and fun

From Furbies to American Girl dolls to Matchbox cars, if it was in a commercial on Nickelodeon or it looked like hours of entertainment, then it made the list.

Now: Anything that might be worth some money

Toys for a grownup (not to be confused with adult toys), are less about hands-on fun and more about the potential investment if we keep everything in mint condition. They're put on display instead of being tossed in a toy box. As adults, we know how to keep our sh** together.

2. Beauty products

Then: Anything that tasted like candy or soda

Because what was the point of putting something on your lips that didn't taste delicious?

Now: Anything that makes our features pop

It's less about flavor and more about accentuating our best qualities.

3. Appliances

Then: Anything that had the capability to make baked goods

Creepy crawler gummies, Easy Bake Oven brownies, and really any product that showed us how to make something without the danger of burning our grubby little hands.

Now: Anything that takes morning beverages to the next level

Baked goodies are still high on the list of daily priorities, but nowhere near as important as coffee, tea, or smoothies. You can't begin your day without a bold drink, and any sort of blender, Keurig, or espresso machine would be an amazing gift to receive.

4. Clothes

Then: Anything loud with a logo

The brighter and more recognizable, the better.

Now: Anything sharp and versatile

Closet staples are a must, and as an adult, the key to clothing is quality.

5. Electronics

Then: Anything that allowed us to play games on the go

A portable gaming machine was one of the more highly coveted gift items because it was a new way to experience a virtual world. You no longer had to be locked in your bedroom to get all the Sonic gold rings.

Now: Anything that allows us to play Candy Crush on the go

And now, you can game anywhere and everywhere. We still need the virtual distraction, but it is so much easier, and there are endless game options to choose from.

6. Movies

Then: Anything starring the Olsen Twins

They were detectives, matchmakers, and best friends. They seriously ruled the '90s from their complementary colored thrones.

Now: Anything starring Tina Fey

Because we have a new queen, and that queen loves cheese.

7. Music

Then: Anything that would've been featured on TRL

Carson Daly was our musical tastemaker.

Now: Anything found on a YA movie soundtrack

Or really whatever Lorde makes or tells us to listen to.

8. Books

Then: Harry Potter

Now: Harry Potter

Because, Harry Potter.

Image: Home Alone/Twentieth Century FOX, 40-Year-Old Virgin/Universal Pictures, TRL/MTV; Lipsmacker/Tumblr, Giphy (13)