19 Stocking Stuffers All Children of the '90s Will Appreciate

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There’s an art to finding the perfect stocking stuffers. Odds are anything small enough to fit in there isn’t going to be of much practical use — which means you can go nuts with things that strike you as fun, even if you don’t know what the recipient will actually do with them. This, of course, also makes stocking stuffers the perfect vehicle for nostalgia. Got a '90s kid in your life? Why not take the opportunity to shower them with the toys, games, snacks, and more of their youth? You can literally make them feel like a kid on Christmas morning again — and let’s face it: The only thing better than recalling that giddy feeling you used to get right before you opened your presents is watching someone else get to experience it all over again, too

So for this Throwback Thursday, I present to you a very special holiday gift guide. Each of these 19 items will undoubtedly make your favorite '90s kid light up like those awesome Hallmark ornaments you used to decorate your tree with back in the day. Most of them are affordable as well (with a few outliers), so they make for terrific Secret Santa options, too. Happy holidays!

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