19 Stocking Stuffers All Children of the '90s Will Appreciate

There’s an art to finding the perfect stocking stuffers. Odds are anything small enough to fit in there isn’t going to be of much practical use — which means you can go nuts with things that strike you as fun, even if you don’t know what the recipient will actually do with them. This, of course, also makes stocking stuffers the perfect vehicle for nostalgia. Got a '90s kid in your life? Why not take the opportunity to shower them with the toys, games, snacks, and more of their youth? You can literally make them feel like a kid on Christmas morning again — and let’s face it: The only thing better than recalling that giddy feeling you used to get right before you opened your presents is watching someone else get to experience it all over again, too

So for this Throwback Thursday, I present to you a very special holiday gift guide. Each of these 19 items will undoubtedly make your favorite '90s kid light up like those awesome Hallmark ornaments you used to decorate your tree with back in the day. Most of them are affordable as well (with a few outliers), so they make for terrific Secret Santa options, too. Happy holidays!

Koosh Ball

Instead of jamming one of those chocolate orange things no one actually eats in the toe of the stocking, go for a Koosh Ball instead. That rubbery smell alone is enough to bring back scores of childhood memories.

Mondo Koosh Ball, $13, Amazon

Stick-On Earrings

Who cares that your bestie has had her (or his) ears pierced for years? I’m sure they’ll be able to think of something to do with these little stick-on baubles.

Stick-On Earrings Set of 30, $3, Claire’s

Glow-in-the-Dark Stars

Instead of sticking them on your bedroom ceiling, try sticking them on the underside of your desk or cubicle. Then crawl underneath and pretend you’re in a fort.

Glowing Imaginations Glow-in-the-Dark Mini Stars, $4, Amazon

Barrel of Monkeys

How long a chain can you make?

Barrel of Monkeys, $6, Amazon

Choose Your Own Adventure

Another solution to the “what do I stick in the toe?” conundrum: Roll up this tee and you’re good to go. Bonus points if you include an actual paperback along with it.

Choose Your Own Adventure Tee, $28, Out of Print Clothing

Choose Your Own Adventure: War with the Evil Power Master, $6, Barnes and Noble

Troll Pencil Topper

No pencil box is complete without one.

Vintage Troll Pencil Topper, $5, Etsy


Duh. Get a whole pack, then dole them out to your favorite people one can at a time.

Surge 12 Ct., $13, Amazon

Temporary Tattoos

Tattly’s designs are way classier than the ones we used to score at the dime store when we were kids. Not going to lie: I kind of want these watercolor-style butterflies for myself.

Coral Butterflies, $5, Tattly


Nothing says “happy holidays” like a piece of candy that turns your tongue weird colors when you eat it.

Airheads Assorted Flavors 72 Ct., $9, Amazon

Mad Libs

Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, I’m absolutely positive whoever you gift these to will get hours of enjoyment out of them. After all, when else can you make an imaginary bearded dude in a red suit VERB a random NOUN?

Christmas Fun Mad Libs, $5, Amazon

Lisa Frank Stickers

No one at work has to see the folders you cover with them. Those are for your eyes and use only.

Lisa Frank Sticker Book, $32, Amazon

Lip Smackers

Personally, I would go for the all-time classic Dr. Pepper — but wouldn’t you know it, there are a whole bunch of special-edition holiday flavors available right now! I’m not entirely sure what makes “Snowflake Cocoa” different from regular ol’ chocolate, but whatever. I’m sure it’s delicious either way.

Snowflake Cocoa Lip Smacker, $2, Lip Smacker

Cat's Cradle Book

Any of the other smaller Klutz books would also be an acceptable choice. I went for this one because I remember it being fairly pocket-size, but take your pick.

Cat’s Cradle: A Book of String Figures, $10, Barnes and Noble

American Girl Mini Doll

True, Samantha here doesn’t come in her classic dress anymore — but that’s okay. A six-and-a-half-inch version of her in a different outfit will still hit all the right nostalgia buttons.

Samantha Mini Doll and Book, $25, American Girl

Pocket Etch A Sketch

It’s just the thing to keep you occupied during those long subway rides when your phone is almost out of juice.

Pocket Etch A Sketch, $9, Amazon

Fortune Teller Fish

Today I learned that you can buy a whopping 144 fortune teller fish for $6.55. My middle school must have made a killing selling them to us for a buck a pop at lunchtime.

Fortune Teller Fish 144 Ct., $8, Amazon

Friendship Bracelet Kit

Who else remembers spending every single rainy day recess making these suckers? Alternatively, you could go out and get a bunch of embroidery floss, package it up yourself, and include a bracelet you made with it when you gift it to your lucky buddy.

Friendship Bracelet Kit, $10, Barnes and Noble

Mini RC Racer

Get one for yourself, too — then race ‘em on your lunch break.

Coke Can Mini RC Radio Remote Control Micro Racing Car, $15, Amazon


Because, well…GAK.

Nickelodeon GAK, $26, Amazon