Don't Make These Common Hair Drying Mistakes

by Miki Hayes

Washing hair is not as simple a task as it might seem. It has to be taken into account how often hair should be washed, and with what. These days, the focus is on eliminating any techniques and products that might be doing unnecessary damage. So that means not washing hair every single day and skipping products that contain sulfates, phtalates, parabens, and all of those other beauty product no-no's. But we also go to lengths to ensure our hair is properly conditioned. We use oils, masks, and even DIY treatments from our kitchens to help replenish moisture and protect hair from damage. But for what? Many of us reverse our in-shower treatments with the mistakes we make drying our hair.

Because, unfortunately, as much as there is a science to washing and conditioning hair, there is also with drying it. Obviously, attacking it with a hair dryer is not the healthiest method, but contrary to what you might think, air-drying is actually not the best for hair either. There's actually a fine balance between how much air-drying and blow-drying time your hair should receive for optimal health.

Just remember: When using your hair dryer, keep it at least a few inches away from your head, constantly move it, and use that cool shot when you're done for a shiny finish. Now just make sure to avoid these other common mistakes, and you'll easily be rocking the healthiest hair and best blowout in town.

1. You're Towel Drying

Hair becomes even more fragile when it's wet. Rubbing a towel against it causes all sorts of friction that lead to breakage. Instead, blot and air-dry your hair.

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2. You're Not Using Heat Protectant

Before using any hot tool, even blow dryers, make sure you've sprayed your strands with a heat protectant. This will help against the inevitable damage that comes with heat styling.

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3. You're Starting with Hair that is Too Wet

If your hair is still sopping wet, wait before busting out the hair dryer. The longer you have to use the dryer, the more damage you will impose on your hair. And when you use a dryer on just-stepped-out-of-the-shower locks, you're also more likely to end up with frizz from the prolonged heat. Instead, let your hair air dry at least 10-15 minutes before going in with the dryer.

4. You're Not Sectioning Your Hair

If you just blow dry all of your hair at once, it can be hard to tell if your hair is drying evenly. It can also be harder to style it as it dries. Instead, section your hair into at least two parts, horizontally around your head. This will help ensure that your hair is drying evenly and completely.

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5. You're Using the Wrong Brush

Metal brushes can overheat and cause damage or even burn your hair. Instead, reach for a boar bristle brush. These brushes will be able to grip your hair, but won't heat up, so there's no damage to worry about.

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6. You're Not Using the Concentrator

That little duck-bill looking thing that comes with your hair dryer? That helps concentrate the airflow from the dryer onto your hair. Using this attachment will help your hair dry faster and with a sleeker finish since all the heat and air from your dryer is going exactly where it's supposed to.

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