Rebel Wilson's Year of Body Positive Fashion

by Lindsey Averill

Admittedly, I idolize Rebel Wilson. From what I can tell, most people love her because she seems genuine and is ludicrously funny, but these traits are not how she claimed my adoration. I am taken with her because she radiates energy and regularly shows off her plus-size body with confidence. And so, Rebel Wilson is my 2014 body positive plus size fashion icon.

What is a body positive plus size fashion icon, you ask? Well, quite simply — this is my moniker for a famous figure who has spent the year making fashion choices that say, "My body — no matter what — is beautiful and deserves fashion!" Unfortunately, many people buy into the idea that there are fashion rules that cannot be broken if you want to be received as acceptable. In particular, plus-size women often believe that their bodies need to be hidden, not seen. As many of you know, plus-size fashion is getting better, but there is a long history of matronly black tents and plus-fashion don'ts that were made to be broken.

Wilson seems to shuck the negative notions about a plus-size body with ease. She fearlessly wears clothes that cling to the contours of her body and show off her curves. Also, she loves bold color choices and isn't afraid to show some skin. Finally, Wilson's sense of comfort with her body is clear by the way she carries herself. She isn't always posing with her chin stuck out or from the side — trying to look slimmer — she is smiling wide, unashamed to be taking up space in the world. I'm telling you. I love her.

Check out these body-positive looks. You'll see just what I mean.

1: She's not afraid to show some skin.

2: She wears dresses and shirts that contour her body.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

3: She wears bright colors and isn't afraid to be seen.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

4: She wears white — even though it's not "slimming."

5: She takes style risks in the name of joy.

6: And finally, she can look super glam without pretending that women don't eat food.

There you have it. Further proof that Rebel Wilson is a complete babe, and one more than worthy of "fashion icon" status.

Images: Getty; Twitter