Kanye West Spent $74,000 On Christmas Gifts For North, In Case You Had Any Doubt She Was Spoiled

As an only child with financially stable parents, I've always received a somewhat embarrassing amount of Christmas presents. My extremely generous parents are definitely a little bit gift-happy, but they have nothing on Kanye West, who reportedly dropped $74,000 on Christmas gifts for North this year. That's a figure significantly larger than many people's yearly salaries so, if you'll excuse me, I think I'm going to be sick.

According to the Daily Mail, an "insider" told Heat that a $62,000 diamond tiara ("so when she plays dress-up she'll be a real princess") is responsible for the bulk of this absurd sum, while the other $12,000 came from a North-sized replica of the hip hop mogul's own black SUV. I guess that answers the question of what to buy for the girl who has everything...

I can't say I'm exactly shocked by this ridiculousness. I mean, North already owns more designer handbags than most of us will accidentally brush against on crowded sidewalks throughout our lifetime. She even fingerpainted on a Birkin for Christ's sake. But I still find this excess totally depressing. Little Nori might be cute as they come, but she's almost certain to grow up with an insane sense of entitlement, demanding $62,000 diamond tiaras everywhere she goes. The least Kimye could do is donate some cash to charity in her name in lieu of the toy SUV.