Online Dating Hacks for 2015 — Take Notes

'Tis the season to reassess your relationship status. Whether you're sick of friends asking when you're going to couple up (and you do actually want to meet someone) or whether you're sick of your significant other, the beginning of a new year is an auspicious time to retool your love life. Plus, there's nothing quite like a holiday hookup to inject some excitement into your dry turkey dinner or your awkward trip home. According to Zoosk, a lot of people feel this way, because there's a 26 percent increase in signups on their site during the two weeks after Christmas. With this news, they've provided a visual snapshot at how we dated in 2014, and how they think we'll date in 2015.

The stats Zoosk came up with are pretty interesting: describing yourself as "laid back" in your profile was in this year, and apparently bathroom selfies, duck face, and mirror photos are going to be no-go's next year. Men may have preferred the morning hours to cruise dating sites and women may have preferred doing it late at night, but in 2015, it's going 24/7 baby. Obviously you don't need any tips to snag a partner besides be yourself and stuff, but sometimes a little tactical planning can pay off. I've managed to make it 31 years dating the old-fashioned way (you know, writing your number on the bathroom wall) but sometimes I wonder if it's time to get a Tinder profile. So while this stuff might just be conjecture, it might also prove true, so it would probably behoove you to take note of these hacks for dating online in 2015.