Your Love Life As Told By 'The Holiday'

There are many cherished holiday Christmas classics out there, but you'll be hard pressed to find one as compelling and emotionally poignant as the 2006 hit The Holiday , which follows the lives of two women (Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet) who lead completely different lives, but share one very common attribute: they've both been burned by love and are in desperate need of a way to escape, at least temporarily. And in doing so they end up finding the very thing they thought they wanted nothing more to do with. But that's love for ya, isn't it? Showing up when you least expect it.

And while I highly doubt Jude Law would miraculously show up at the front door of my house swap set up, this movie in general is extremely comparable to real life ups and downs. We've all gone through terrible relationships and seriously doubted whether things would ever work out in our favor. That's life, and thus a big part of what makes this holiday rom-com so utterly appealing. In fact, The Holiday is so relatable that I'm willing to bet it could even describe the current state of your love life. That's how attuned this movie is with the complexities of modern day romance. Observe…

For Those Experiencing Break Up Depression

You know that eventually things will get better, but for the moment all you want to do is curl up and cry into a gallon of ice cream.

For Those Who Are a Commitment-Phobe

Thank you… I guess? #awkward

For Those Constantly Falling for the Wrong Type of Person

You know you deserve better and yet you simply can't resist falling for the bad boy/girl. We've all been there. It's like a forbidden fruit and unfortunately you've bitten off more than you can chew.

For Those Attempting to Maintain Their First Date Figure

And because of that your dreams mostly consist of bacon, pizza, and nutella.

For Those Struggling With Denial

It's easy to say… a lot harder to follow through on.

For Those Looking for a One Night Stand

*bow chicka bow bow*

For Those Who Obsess Over Every Little Detail

Worrying may not help the situation, but it's certainly hard to avoid.

For Those Re-familiarizing Themselves With Single Life

Bring it on, Tinder!

For Those Coping With a Recent Fight

Preferably one that comes with a crazy, fun straw.

For Those Experiencing a Relationship Epiphany

The rose colored glasses are off and the truth is as plain as day.

For Those Settling for Second Fiddle

It's time to take charge of your own fate and rewrite the happy ending you oh-so deserve.

For Those Celebrating That Great First Date High

You do you, girl. You do you.

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