The Best of Bustle: Our 55 Favorite Stories from 2014

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Sitting down to compile the best 50 articles published on Bustle in 2014 was no easy task. After all, over the past 12 months, we've been #blessed with being able to feature the work of some of the most talented young writers working today. Luckily, though, since I'm the author of this slideshow and, thus, I make the rules of this slideshow, I decided to highlight instead the 55 best articles written on Bustle in 2014. Considering I nearly have a panic attack trying to determine what to make for dinner every night, my indecisiveness really was inevitable here.

But, in this case, I'm thrilled to be faced with such a conundrum. Because we have been so proud, inspired, and tickled by our writers' and editors' work this year, that it seems a shame to leave any exceptional piece of work off this list merely for numbers' sake. We've seen our editors and readers alike connect to personal views and informed news pieces surrounding some of this year's biggest stories, ranging from Ferguson and the allegations against UVA to Kim Kardashian's insanely addictive iPhone game. There's no shortage of news stories that interest our editors and writers, and there's no shortage of Bustle stories that have added a necessary perspective to the conversation.

So read on to see excerpts from — and links to — the best Bustle had to offer in 2014. Seriously, do it quickly before I increase this post to 155 stories. It can quite easily be done.

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