We Need to Talk About that Claire Danes Commercial

We all know that the 2013 Emmys sucked a fatty. Neil Patrick Harris's intro was kind of lame, the awards for Outstanding Actor and Supporting Actor in a Drama were giant let downs (pretty much everyone from Breaking Bad was robbed), and even the fashion was just sort of uninspiring. There was, however, something that I think we need to talk about. Did you happen to catch that bizarre Claire Danes Audi commercial in the middle of the ceremony? What the hell was that about. One second we're watching her accept the Emmy for Outstanding Actress for Homeland, the next we're watching her shill a car? I don't get it.

But that's not to say I don't like it. I think we can all agree it was one of the most entertaining aspects of the entire night. What the ceremony lacked in intrigue and excitement, Claire Danes brought in a thinly-veiled car commercial. I'm not sure whether that speaks to the absolute sadness of the Emmys themselves or if it's a compliment to Danes and the ad execs over at the luxury car company, but hey, I was entertained.

The commercial, which was three and a half minutes long, was like a Super Bowl ad on steroids. There's blood, there's glamour, there's a Jordan Catalano reference. It's everything you'd want from an ad featuring America's most reluctant sweetheart.

So here: watch the commercial that overshadowed the actual Emmys. Who knows, maybe next year it'll be nominated for an award. And the Emmy for Outstanding Commercial during the Emmys goes to ...