10 Signs You Have a Serious Fashion Obsession

Fashion, to you, is more than the Webster's Dictionary definition: (n.) a prevailing custom or style of dress, etiquette, socializing, etc... No, to you, it is an addiction. Fashion is exciting. It's a way of life. It's a world that you have to be worthy of entering.

And rightly so. Fashion actually is more than the clothes you put on your body or the shoes on your feet. You've spent months — nay, years studying the world and have become familiar with the designers, the models and the critics in the industry.

Not only do you have the knowledge, but you understand fashion as a form of self-identity. There's not a better way to show what mood you're in on a given day, what interests you or how you would put together an ensemble. Plus, playing with fashion is just plain fun.

But when does an interest in something become an obsession? I've put together a list of 10 signs you might be addicted to fashion. But tread lightly — even if you display the majority (if not all) of these traits, I am by no means asking you to change the way you are. Instead, wear your addiction proudly!

1. You Refresh Every 5 Minutes During NYFW

...which brings me to my next point....

2. You Know What NYFW Stands For

New York Fashion Week. Bonus points if you keep refreshing for LAFW, MFW and LFW.

3. Even With a Closet That Looks Like it's Full of Clothes, You Can Never Find Anything to Wear

You can't even comprehend the idea of wearing the same exact outfit twice.

4. In Fact, You're Always Fashionably Late Because You Were Trying on so Many Different Outfits

You know those photos are going to end up online, so obviously your ensemble has to be perfect.

5. Your First Move When You Wake Up is to Check the #OOTD Tag on Instagram

Seriously, it's the best place for inspiration.

6. You're Basically Your Friends' Personal Stylists

Maybe you wouldn't give that advice, but you love all the dressing room photos your friends send when they're on the fence about a big purchase.

7. You Find Yourself Muttering the Correct Pronunciation of Designer Names Under Your Breath on a Regular Basis

It's Zjee-von-shee, not Give-ench-y. Get it together.

8. You Really Don't Care if Someone Doesn't "Get" Your Outfit

And you always have the perfect comeback.

9. You Get Way More Excited Over Couture Than Ready-to-Wear Collections

Not that your personal fashion blog is exactly generating enough ad revenue to afford any of it...

10. You Can Tell What Episode of Sex and the City a Still is From, Just By the Outfits

Not to mention, you basically consider yourself the fifth member of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte's Cosmo-sipping gang.

Images: bonninturina/Fotolia; Giphy