LOL! Hank Caught Dancing On Tape

Hank — excuse me, I mean ASAC Schrader — may no longer be with us, but Breaking Bad fans can get their fix with these amazing Vines of Dean Norris dancing up a storm at an Emmys after-party.

Norris, aka Breaking Bad's dearly departed Hank, was spotted tearing it up at Sunday night's AMC, IFC, and Sundance Channel Emmys after-party, breaking out some impressive moves and catching the attention of many of his fellow partygoers. Norris even held his own during a dance-off with Dancing with the Stars pro Derek Hough, who won an Emmy earlier in the night for choreography.

We don't know what's better: that Norris is apparently the life of every party, or that for six short but wonderful seconds, we get to pretend that HANK LIVES! After the study in depression that was Sunday night's Breaking Bad episode, it's nice to see some levity from the show's cast and crew.

Norris apparently also broke it down with fellow Bad star Aaron Paul, but unless someone can produce a Vine to prove it, we deem it too good to be a true.

Check out the fantastic videos below: