17 Times Gaga Looked Stunningly Normal in 2014

Lady Gaga surprised us a lot this year. From her unlikely partnership with singer Tony Bennett to getting puked on at SXSW (um, still ew,) she didn't fail to shock us in 2014, just like she has every year since she hit the scene with "Just Dance." But one of the ways Gaga has turned heads recently is with her surprisingly normal outfits. Though she did pull out some pretty crazy get-ups (remember the inflatable holographic silver spikes?), she's been wearing more "regular" clothes than usual this year, especially over the past month or two.

I have to admit, I actually love a lot of the outfits she wore this year. They've all got some drama, sure, but that's just Gaga. She went ultra-glam for many red carpet appearances, not to mention her street style was far less outlandish. Gaga's style this year has been elegant and even classic, and I'm on board with it. Sure, I love a wild Gaga fashion moment as much as the next girl, but this is a refreshing change of pace.

Here my 17 favorite normal Gaga outfits from 2014. Who knows — maybe we'll see her wearing mom jeans in a totally non-ironic way next year.

17. The White Cut-Out Dress

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lady Gaga attended Vanity Fair's annual Oscar party in this white cut-out gown.

16. The Red Jumpsuit

Gaga's black bob looks incredible with this chic red jumpsuit with gold fringe detailing.

15. The Metallic Blue Suit

So '80s chic. I like it.

14. The Trench Coat

A nude trench coat and black boots? Gaga, is that you?

13. The Red Dress

Gaga looks stellar in a Bardot neckline.

12. The Floral Blouse

Gaga nailed the black-and-white look by pairing it with blonde bombshell hair and a burgundy lip.

11. The Lace Dress

The drape-y sleeves give this classic dress a modern touch.

10. The Caped Gown

Sure, Gaga paired this look with bejeweled eyebrows, but this dress still screamed modern glamour.

9. The Pale Pink Oscars Ensemble

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Gaga wore something normal (and stunningly beautiful) to one of the biggest red carpet events of the year. WHO IS SHE?

8. The Netted Dress

Gaga appeared with Tony Bennett on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in this modern netted dress.

7. The Fur Coat and Pearls

Gaga and her pup Asia were all classic glamour leaving her NYC apartment.

6. The Keyhole Dress and Patterned Coat

The way she draped her coat over her shoulders brought this look to another level.

5. The Slip Dress

She managed to work the slip dress trend without looking like she just rolled out of bed. Now this is reason for "Applause."

4. The Cape Coat

Lady Gaga is wearing jeans here, people. JEANS.

3. The Long Black Dress

Such a gorgeous gown. Note the white lining peeking out from the slit — so chic.

2. The LWD

Seriously, Lady Gaga should wear Bardot necklines all the time. They look incredible on her.

1. The Feather Top

One thought: where can I get this top? So glam.

Cheers to a year of fabulous outfits, Lady Gaga. This little monster is impressed.

Images: Getty Images; Instagram/@gagasdreams, @ladygagahistory, @gagaimages, @whoreforgaga, @ilove_ladygaga, @lady_gaga_x, @instagagagram; Twitter/@DAVIDVA63938073, @lingerielux