Here's A Dog Dressed As Santa Riding A Roomba

It's not the holidays until someone posts an adorable video of a dog dressed as Santa riding a Roomba, am I right? I mean if you thought the Internet couldn't get any better, well, you were so, unbelievably, 100 percent wrong (I mean no offense or anything... we can't all be right all the time). Christmas came early for the world wide web thanks to The Big Shift, who posted this insanely perfect video to YouTube featuring 2014's last minute breakout star Five, a Boston terrier who rocks a red and white Santa suit better than the big man himself.

Look, I don't know how Five ended up on that Roomba vacuum cleaner or why he chose to spin around that immaculate living room listening to the Christmas classic "Dónde Está Santa Claus," but I do know that it's Christmas, and on Christmas you're supposed to spend time with those you love. And I love — LOVE — this dog. I love him, guys. And between the neat stack of presents in the corner and what I can only imagine is a festive yule log burning slowly in the fireplace, this is basically how I envision Christmas should be for everyone, everywhere.

So do yourselves all a favor, take one minute and 11 seconds out of your busy, busy day, and watch Five in action. It's gotta be better than watching A Christmas Story for the gazillionth time ever. (JK that movie is the greatest... please commence your movie marathon like I'm not even here.) And as long as you're watching cute animals riding on top of moving robotic vacuum cleaners, make sure you check out this cat dressed as a shark chasing a duck. And also this mini Chihuahua. Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas, indeed.