The Biggest Pop Culture Conversations of 2014, Month by Month

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You might think 2014 has been filled with schlocky blockbusters, crummy television, problematic podcasts, hackneyed celebrity feuds, vapid Hollywood trends, and ill-formed behind-the-scenes decisions…and you might be right. But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been an interesting year. There’s been nary a break in the action for pop culture throughout ’14, with every month supplying its own new conversation in the media of film, TV, the celebrity circuit, or the viral world. At times, we were brought to celebrate a new, astoundingly admirable piece of world. Far more often, we were called upon to castigate one. Either way, we didn’t really mind. We were having fun.

But what were the biggest conversation pieces to break this year? What kicked off with a stronghold on January, blossomed in July after a dull June, and edged Gone Girl out of the top hashtag spot in October? We’re running back through 2014, month by month, to determine what were our favorite things to chat about over these past 365 days.

(Oh, and don’t worry if you missed the boat on one of these ostensibly all-encompassing topics. Once 2015 rolls around, you’ll have a clean slate — the American attention span can’t hold onto a pop culture phenomena for too long after a new one rears its frightful head!)

Image: Disney

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