18 TV Characters We Said Goodbye to This Year... at Least, For Now

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It hasn't even started, but already, 2015 is gearing up to be a rough year for TV fans. Beloved shows like Parenthood and Parks and Rec are ending early, with Mad Men soon to follow; the late-night landscape is whiter and male-er than ever; Heroes is coming back; and there's still a whole other year before Two and a Half Men finally airs its last episode.

But if that all sounds dark, 2015 is still set to be a happier year for TV than this one was. Between all those heartbreaking cancellations and disappointing finales, television this past year has been rough, and that's not even mentioning everyone we lost along the way — from Game of Thrones' Joffrey to The Colbert Report's Colbert, here are 18 TV characters we said goodbye to in 2014, whether for good or just for now. Spoilers to follow, of course.

Image: HBO

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