Filthy Idioms In Other Languages

What could be better than a bunch of filthy expressions to light the star atop your post-Christmas dreams? Digg has crafted for you a slideshow of “Filthy Idioms In Other Languages,” so that, before you leave your mom’s house, you can sit around the dinner table spewing vitriol in at least one language that no one will understand. This would probably also be a good time to point out that if you are around another human being or at work, the video is definitely NSFW. But you can always save it and read it later, then rehearse it, then share your knowledge of foul language in another tongue with your pals back home.

What could have inspired this brain nugget of necessary information, you ask? Digg notes that “for non-English speakers idioms like 'to get one's goat' or 'crazy like a fox' can be difficult to understand.” However when translated literally, they say, “the results are often just as weird and lot more... colorful.” I can certainly speak to the fact that I have never heard the expression “to fart in the silk” in the entirety of my lifetime, but I am most certainly committed to employing it hereafter. Click here to head over to Digg to read for yourself.

Images: Digg (1)