The Most Unusual Facts About Diet Coke

When it comes down to it, diet soda has been generally regarded as a pretty weird thing to put in your body — even moreso than regular soda, which isn't exactly full of healthy vitamins and minerals in the first place. Buzzfeed had enough content on the subject to create a video called "Unusual Facts About Diet Coke." It's a nice supplement to the article they published last year about 18 terrifying things that happen when you quit Diet Coke, which is a less scientific, though accurate, description of the withdrawal phases every Diet-Coke lover goes through when they realize they should stop pounding several cans a day (I personally identify with the numbness and brokenness elaborated in number 11) and maybe have a water once in a while.

Some of the facts are things most people know, like if you combine Mentos and Diet Coke there will be an explosion. Some things aren't as well known and are, like the video suggests, unusual and surprising. Did you know that when placed in water, Diet Coke cans float even though regular ones don't? That's an interesting fact, but probably not something I'll keep in mind when I put the stuff in my body (along with other less-than-wholesome items like a double bacon cheeseburger and the largest order of fries I can find). Others will definitely stick in your brain.

Check out more Diet Coke facts in this video: