16 Healthy Snack Ideas That Are Actually Delicious, So Here's to Starting the New Year Off Right

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Even though we all roll our eyes at people who make cliche New Year's resolutions like, "I want to eat healthier this year," or "I want to get in better shape," let's admit it: we all think something along those lines too. There's just something about a new year that makes us want to ditch the sugary foods and start picking at superfoods and healthy snacks.

If you plan on being on that healthy grind this January, don't freak out: there are still great snack options that are good for you and taste good. Some snacks can be delicious and diet-friendly — it's not a myth!

Now, keep in mind that these recipes will take a little bit more time to put together than just opening a bag of chips and calling it a day. Hey, I never said these were going to be easy and quick — I just said they were going to be good for you. I can promise you that the extra effort will be worth it. If you spend one day prepping some of these snacks for the week ahead, your body will thank you. Here are 16 healthy snack ideas that won't make you hate your life this month.

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