21 Items to Make Commuting to Work Way Easier, Because It's Good to Be Prepared for Any Possible Emergency

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Whether you take a train, bus, or just have a nice long walk, commuting to work can be hard. Like, really, really, hard. Not only are you battling weather, time, and traffic patterns, but you are also surrounded by a bunch of strangers who are just as unhappy with the whole process as you are. The best thing you can do is be as prepared as humanly possible for any and all emergencies with all the right essentials for commuters.

I've been commuting from New Jersey to New York City on and off for more than two years now. My current commute involves driving over half an hour to where I grab the bus, then a 30 to 35 minute bus ride, followed by a brisk 20 minute walk to my office building because taking the subway gets expensive, and it takes almost the same amount of time as walking at peak hours. Usually when I tell people this, I get a vacant stare and a confused, "Why?"

I may still get lost in Port Authority, but what I do know is what I need to carry with me every day, and let me tell you — it ain't light. But it will absolutely pay off. The most important essential we don't list (and shouldn't have to) is a big ol' bag to help you carry all this stuff.

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