25 of 2014's Best Book Covers That Left Us Utterly Awestruck

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Whoever said that we judge a book by its cover was really on to something; after all, good cover art is so much more than mere marketing. Cover art is a visual encapsulation of the meaning and message of the story itself; the style, the tone, and the content therein. As much as I hate to say it, it's true that bad cover art can turn us away from a story, but great cover art can lure us in and keep us — even giving a story a little extra magic.

So as we all suffer through the grey and grim days that mark the very longest and darkest of the calendar year, why not celebrate cover art that makes browsing the local bookstore shelves an extra-special experience this year? Don't wait to stumble upon these beautifully styled gems of design, concept, and carefully honed craft — steep yourself in the most stunning cover art of 2014.

Perhaps it'll inspire you for the year to come.

Image: Kathryin Dennman/Flickr

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