What a Failed Demolition Looks Like

If you've ever wanted to see what a failed building demolition looks like, it's your lucky day here on the Internet. Somewhere in Russia or its neighboring countries (not a ton of info is available about this video, so pardon the conjecture), what looks like a bleak, grey apartment building was scheduled to be destroyed. Crowds gathered with their cameras (because it's always fun to watch stuff blow up, right?), ready for the epic explosion of concrete. And an explosion did happen, but what happened next wasn't exactly what everyone expected: The building kind of sadly sagged over like it didn't have enough strength, or it couldn't be bothered to fully collapse. In the crowd, a man laughed and said in Russian, "It didn't even fall!" Another noted that this phenomena is "interesting." I guess I would go with "a little pathetic," but I guess I have high demolition standards.

In actuality, I've never actually seen a building demolition, but I've heard they're super majestic. Hotels the size of tiny cities in Las Vegas get blown up basically weekly (OK, maybe once ever several years), and I've YouTube'd some of them (you can watch them all right here if you're in the mood for some explosions). Those tend to actually implode though, which I'm guessing is the plan when you're trying to destroy a building and repurpose that land.

In regards to this old Russian apartment (or whatever it is)—maybe we won't be saying dosvedanya quite yet.

Image: YouTube