You Need to See Her New Armani Juniors Photo

by Arielle Dachille

In her fall campaign for Armani Juniors, the world's fantasy niece Quvenzhané Wallis posed with a puppy draped over her shoulder. Our minds were subsequently blown by the cute quotient of the photo. Back for her second season as the face of the brand, Quvenzhané Wallis posed for Armani Juniors Spring 2015. SURPRISE, surprise, she's off the charts in the endearing department just like last time. Or should we say, just like every time.

The first photo released shows the Annie star jumping in the air and smiling with the glee of youth. She wears a black and white striped, drop-waist midi dress that would be fantastic to find in an adult size (hint, hint Armani). Her black leather accessories perfectly complement her dress and are, again, the kind of simply chic pieces that make getting dressed easier. Compared to how kids dressed when I wore junior sizes (consisting mainly of crayola-colored nylon pants and tees emblazoned with little sporty cartoon girls from Limited Too), this look is seriously evolved in the taste department.

Just one question I have about this photo: Has one of her legs been erased? Past the knee, it appears that her right calf has been virtually eliminated, given that there is NO sign of it behind her left leg. To give the photo editors the benefit of the doubt, it's remotely possible that Wallis' visible leg entirely eclipsed the other one during the shoot. But, considering the fact that her right calf would need to be about half the size of the other for that to happen, it's a very, very unlikely scenario. It looks to me as if this is yet another missing limb of photoshop.

PHEW. Had to get that out. Now, let's return to the glory of Quvenzhané Wallis being the coolest 9-year-old in Hollywood.

Image: Armani