These Weird, Adorable Japanese "Fact of the Day" Commercials Are All That Matter to Me Anymore — VIDEO

It's official: The best thing to have ever happened to us is this 12-minute long stream of Japanese cartoon commercials that essentially teach us the mysterious ways in which the world actually works. In a really endearing and strange fashion, of course. With English subtitles that are slightly off, Mameshiba (which literally means "bean dog") presents you with quick cartoon bean dogs that enlighten you about the very important facts of life. In almost every single mini-episode, a character will be eating something when they suddenly notice their food is trying to communicate with them. A bean thanks them for their attention, and then educates everyone about the meaning or origin of a word or idea. Ugh, stop it, Japan. I'm too in love with this.

For instance, did you know that, "In French, dandelions are called "pissenlit" which means 'urinate in bed'"? We would have never known if a tiny green pea with ears didn't inform us (probably). In another mini-episode, a school girl opens her lunch box and discovers a rogue bean is stuck on the lid. The bean, which looks like a puppy and talks like a toddler, lets this girl know that "A hippo's sweat is pink!" Who would have guessed?

Watch this video and feel your heart swell with love and endless adoration for these adorably presented fun facts and little beans that look like dogs. Take copious notes, Snapple.

slime_pixie on YouTube

Image: YouTube