Gabi Gregg Will Collaborate With Swimsuits for All Once More in 2015 — And I Can't Wait to Have These Fatkinis On My Bod

Women love plus-size blogger Gabi Gregg's collaboration with Swimsuits for All — so much so that in 2013, her galaxy print bikini sold out within 24 hours. And last year's follow-up collection of the plus-size suits (and the accompanying body positive advertising) sold just as well. So it's no surprise that the swimsuit company was eager to maintain this ongoing relationship come 2015. Although the next collection won't be available until the warmer months, pre-orders will start on January 9th. Considering that'll still be winter, it's probably a safe bet that we should all be expecting another sell-out collection. This news is a win all-around: plus-size babes get the suits they desire and deserve; Gabi Gregg gets hers and continues to make progressive moves in the fashion industry; other plus-size bloggers may start getting eyed for potential brand collaborations (Nicolette Mason x ModCloth is still a major win); and Swimsuits for All will continue to be proof to other retailers that there are plenty of plus-size women who want a bathing suit other than your basic black one-piece.

With what will likely be the third consecutive sell-out collection, you can't just chalk it up to luck: the pair behind this line are on to something really good here. While plus-size women just want to wear regular styles, there are some necessary accommodations regarding fit that only a plus-size woman could understand. (Things like more fabric on bottoms to fit in extra tummy.) So partner that with a loyal following and a keen sense of style (not to mention a body positive attitude), and you've got evidence that fashion blogger and brand collaborations are the way to go — especially when it comes to plus fashion.Gabi took to Instagram with a few teaser shots (and a mini video — soundtracked by Queen Bey, of course) of the suits that will be a part of her next collection, and I'm already excited. Think a sexy wrap-top bikini and a hot pink two-piece with zippered accents. I expected nothing less than playful, sexy perfection from Miss Gregg and it looks like she will deliver. Take a peek for yourself below:

Images: Instagram/gabifresh