Woman Gets Christmas Proposal and Completely Loses Her Mind (No, Seriously, Is She Okay?) — VIDEO

If you thought you saw the end of holiday cuteness, you were very, very wrong. In keeping with the cringeworthy (but admittedly kinda sweet) idea that "engagement season" is a thing, here is a pretty lively marriage proposal on Christmas. This woman, who is doing the usual Christmas morning thing and opening a present with her two jaunty dogs chilling by her side, suddenly realizes her gift is a bit unusual: It's just big, wooden letters, which she is instructed to pull out one at a time and read aloud. Predictably, the letters end up spelling out, "will you marry me," but unpredictably, the girl starts bawling—hard.

We're not talking about your usual, "OMG I'm getting proposed to, this is crazy" tiny tears. This girl is crying like how people cry when their pets die, or when they realize the sale at GAP was last week not this week (OK, that was just me). Her reaction is so weirdly emotional, it's hard to even tell whether she's happy or upset about getting engaged. Someone has to ask, "So is that a yes?" for her to nod in confirmation. Yes. These hysterical tears are all for you, future husband.

While I'm a little iffy about combining marriage proposals and holidays, I have to admit that this particular proposal is pretty adorable. Probably due to the epic, my-life-is-over-but-not-really engagement sobbing.


Image: Maegan Tintari/Flickr