Part Two of Solange's Puma Collaboration Is Here, But Not With As Much Color As Part One

Twos aren't always terrible. At least not for Solange Knowles. The newly-wedded songstress is always in motion with colorful collaborations that keep her fans inspired. Shortly after releasing her second collaboration with Puma, she followed with a surprising part deux that is just as desired as those from part one.

The sneakers released in part two titled, "Behind the Bazaar," was not met with as much buzz as the initial "Wild Wonder" drop, though it certainly was worthy of it. While "Wild Wonder" featured dizzying black-and-white swirls matched with grassy green, "Behind the Bazaar" plays it sweet and subtle. Keeping it classic, the second drop features the Trinomic XTC and heritage Suede Classic WN's in soft pink and tan with dashes of gold metallic. As with all of her collaborations with the shoe brand, she brought on her eclectic team--Gerlan Marcel, Darlene and Lizzy Okpo of Willam Okpo, and photographer Hisham Bharoocha. According to Opening Ceremony, Mrs. Knowles-Ferguson says the two-drop collaboration "couldn't be more different from one another." "The commonality between the two is texture," she says. "I really wanted to focus on maximizing different textures to their fullest potential."

As always, Knowles has proven to be unstoppable and has carved a creative path for herself completely separate from her sister (though, together they are absolutely adorable). From mommy duty, to music producer to now wife, she's continually adding to her eclectic achievements and showing that there are a multiplicity of ways to climb to the top with a little bit of time and a whole lot of color.

"Behind the Bazaar" and "Wild Wonder" are both available at Opening Ceremony.

Images: Getty Images (1); @TrendsPeriod/Twitter