Solange Releases Her Second Collection With Puma and It Is Just As Colorful As Her Instagram Page

Puma reigns as the ruler of amazing collaborations. It was just September when Sophia Chang released her Brooklyn-inspired collection with the sneaker company. And rumors are quickly spreading that Rihanna might be in talks of a collaboration with the brand (although she would have to give up sporting her often-worn Adidas items). And coming off the high of her Instagram-worthy honeymoon, Solange Knowles has officially released her second collaboration with Puma.

It seems that Mrs. Knowles-Ferguson has combined the pleasantries of her love for the booming colors of New Orleans and the overpouring of white that was fervent in her wedding to create the first installment of her collection titled, "Wild Wonder." The look book features multicolored sneakers photographed by Hisham Bharoocha on the feet of a diverse group of models, who are all clad in white. The palette of the collection is a dizzying whirlwind of greens and blues complemented by black-and-white hallucinogenic swirls widely reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland.

According to Nylon, Knowles called up the same team that produced her first collection, "Girls of Blaze," for this project–Gerlan Marcel, Darlene and Lizzy Okpo of Willam Okpo, and photographer Bharoocha. "Girls of Blaze" was colorful, much like "Wild Wonder," but instead of white ensembles, the look book include an overflow of color and textures most representative of the the chunky platformed sneakers released in her first collection with the sneaker brand. From feathers to teased manes, Knowles offered a playful take on sneakers in "Girls of Blaze," while her newest collection renders a more classic feel, featuring renditions of some of Puma's most-remembered designs, such as the Puma Suede and XTS.

Ever the collaborator, Knowles is continually pushing the envelope by creating and curating awesome projects. She's fervently working to finish her album, while also strengthening her eccentric compilation album Saint Heron by way of record label Saint Records (which features some of the most amazing up-and-coming musicians). She and her new beau are also renovating their New Orlean's home. On December 13, she will release the second installment of her collaboration, "Behind the Bazaar."

The "Wild Wonder" collection is currently available online at Opening Ceremony.