Jackie Aina's "Makeup Trends We're Leaving in 2014" YouTube Video is on Point

Year in and year out, there are always beauty trends that the great majority of us may not fully understand. Does that stop us from throwing caution to the wind and participating in the trend anyway? Of course not. YouTube's Jackie Aina, of Makeup Game on Point, "Makeup Trends We're Leaving in 2014" video outlines all those horrible fads we fell victim to these past 365 days.

2014 was a year of many things when it came to beauty— the lob, contouring (thanks, Kardashians), and last but certainly not least, the absolute obsession with eyebrows. In months, I went from totally unconcerned about my eyebrows to totally panicked that they were not "on fleek." Did I know what "on fleek" meant? No. Do I know now? Not example. But the on fleek-ness of it all seemed important. That I knew. Even though all of 2014's biggest beauty trends may have an important part in the beauty world, sometimes our execution of the trends just went all wrong and for that reason, it's safe to say that some of them should disappear in the next year. Aina agrees that there some 2014 beauty trends that should go away, and made a hilarious video making her point. Naturally. According to Aina, here are some of the trends that need to go away — and I'm definitely on her side.

1. "Square-Blocked Rubix Cube Eyebrows"

Like I said, eyebrows were a big deal in 2014. Aina talks about a few different types of overdrawn brows that we should leave in 2014 and although I can't quite see the difference between each one, they're all pretty recognizable.

2. "Instagram Brows"

1 & 2 look pretty similar in the video, but the term "Instagram brows" refers to that weird fade out that looks great in photos, but bizarre in real life. And yeah, I think it's time to let that go.

3. "Church Fan Lashes"

As Aina says, "Where you 'bout to take flight off to?" But really.

4. "Excessive Nose Contouring"

Will 2015 finally be the year we all learn to love our birth noses?

5. "Dust Pan Lashes"

Should you be able to brush out your lashes with a hairbrush? A simple question. And the answer is no.

6. "High-Beam Highlighting"

Highlighting is good and well, but I'd rather not look at someone's face and be instantly blinded.

For the rest of the trends that definitely need to die in 2014, check out the brilliant video in its entirety below.

Jackie Aina on YouTube