34 Times Joe Biden Smiled That Dazzling Smile And Made Us Weak In The Knees

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The sexiest man alive is not an actor or musician or athlete. He's the vice president. Of course, that's just my opinion, but I doubt I'm alone in my crushing. There's just something about Joe Biden that is utterly magnetic. Maybe it's the combination of his powerful position, his jocular persona, and his ability to be equally magnanimous and assertive that just gets me. Top all that with one hell of a smile, and I'm basically putty in Joe Biden's (strong, I imagine) hands. If listening to me gush like a giddy schoolgirl is not convincing enough, just take a look at Joe Biden being totally crushworthy this past year. First, he personally responded to the high school senior who asked him to be her date to prom (see, I am not alone) in May, sending her a corsage and inviting her to the White House. (Why hadn't I thought of that when I needed a date to my friend's wedding in D.C. in May???) Then, he flirted with an 108-year-old veteran in August, telling her that though the president may be younger and better-looking, "I’m the guy who loves you." But Joe Biden's not always fun and games. When America needs a tough leader, Obama's got a mighty contender in his second-in-command. Remember when Biden said in one of his most impassioned speeches yet that we will chase ISIS to the "gates of hell"? Is it just me or is it hot in here?Oh, wait. It's just Joe Biden.

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