IUD Earrings Are Less Weird Than They Sound

Put down those birth control pills — IUDs are the hottest (and most effective) form of contraception around. So hot, in fact, that an Etsy shop called ContraceptCreations makes IUD-shaped earrings that are sure to scare off potentially baby-crazy suitors and members of the Duggar family alike.

The earrings are made of copper (get it??? like the copper IUD!) wire, beads, and gold-filled chain and cost $30 a pop. They look like something Phoebe would wear on Friends if it aired today, which is a giant check in the "pro" column if you ask me. Plus, they encourage open conversation about safe, effective contraception! What could be better than that?

I thought IUDs looked like jewelry, so I thought it’d be funny to make them for my boss, who’s a big IUD advocate,” ContraceptCreations founder Natasha Miller explained to the Daily Dot. Miller launched her Etsy store last September after getting several requests for the IUD-inspired adornments. For the un-piecred, myself included, there are also pins and necklace charms in the shape of a non-hormonal intrauterine device.

It's worth noting that these are not actual IUDs, so don't worry about wearing someone's discarded baby-blocker on your person. And don't try to, you know, actually use it as birth control. These IUDs are only for show. All proceeds go toward supporting "a future IUD provider's medical school tuition," according to the product description, so rest assured that even if you get some funky looks while wearing these, you did a good deed for women's reproductive health.

Is it just me, or are these actually pretty cute?

Image: ContraceptCreations/Etsy