Who Is Mar Ortiz? The 'Big Women: Big Love' Cast Member Wants To Be a Star & Already Has the Wardrobe for It

Lifetime is riding the razor's edge of offensiveness yet again with their plus-size reality show, called Big Women: Big Love that is attempting to give plus-size women a different type of voice — one that emphasizes the search for love. They've cast a half dozen young women, brought them together, and are attempting to set them up with their soulmates. One of the Women who immediately stands out is Mar Ortiz, a proud Latina woman and aspiring singer whose green and blue highlights instantly make her my favorite. Mar isn't satisfied with anything less than mainstream success. While she's more than willing to work hard on her own, she's going to use this show as an opportunity to promote her singing career.

Though she's a plus-size woman, Mar is way more of a Mariah Carey than a Meghan Trainor — she's singing from the soul, not from the waistline (all due respect to "All About That Bass"). And Mar has the voice to back it up. At the moment, she has one original song that comes in three different flavors. "Go From Here," a ballad that Mar also covers in Spanish — titled "Dime Como Vivir" — and an acoustic version that blends both languages seamlessly into one. She's not afraid to cross over between the English-speaking and Spanish-speaking audience.

And if her hair was reminding you of Demi Lovato, I'm in the exact same boat. And I'm pretty sure it's intentional, because Mar has covered Demi's "Neon Lights" and "Made in the USA." And it's not just her hair — I seriously love her entire look.

On the first episode of Big Women: Big Love, she has a T-shirt with ice cream cones on the boobs! That is highly compatible with my personal style. And her gallery photos on her website come from all ends of the fashion spectrum, and she always looks amazing.

Mar's also got a fantastic Instagram. Instagram accounts live or die by their #TBT pics, and Mar does not disappoint on that front. I am totally comfortable making every person with a collection of adorable baby photos a reality TV star.

And Mar is giving a voice to the many, many plus-size women who aren't in a relationship with a plus-size man. She prefers straight-size dudes — and that's extremely cool! There are tons of couples at different weights, but they're just not often represented on TV. And if Big Women: Big Love can show that Mar is a complicated, unique woman with her own career goals beyond the show, I have to say, that's enough to justify the series' entire existence.

Image: Emily Shur/Lifetime