Watch Walter White React to His Emmy Loss

Well, maybe not true Walter White fashion — there was a distinct lack of obvious and terrifying sociopathy. Nevertheless, Bryan Cranston did not win an Emmy Sunday night, and Jeff Daniels somehow did . And so the Internet reacts the only way it really knows how: With a thousand "no!"s on Twitter and with a quickly-edited video of Walter White reacting to Daniels' Emmy win.

To be fair to the other nominees, Bryan Cranston was not the only guy people were rooting for when it came to the Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series award on Sunday. Last year's winner, Damian Lewis was a clear contender, as was Jon Hamm (and his beard), who has somehow still never won an Emmy for his portrayal of Mad Men's Don Draper.

Breaking Bad is, however, seemingly all the TV-watching Web is talking about around the virtual water cooler these days, and as such, videos like this just need to happen to ease some of the tension. With the series finale of Breaking Bad airing next week (oh god), it's more necessary now than it ever was before.

Now just imagine this same video but with Hamm or Lewis inter-cut instead of (or maybe with!) Cranston. Anti-hero galore.