Unseen Angelina Jolie Photoshoot From 1995 Was Released and It's All Kinds of Awkward and Trashy

It's true what they say — pictures really can come back to haunt you. Angelina Jolie is generally thought of as poised, classic, and elegant — but an unseen photo shoot with Jolie from 1995 has surfaced, and let's just say, it's a far cry from the Angelina we all know and love today.

The racy photo shoot features a 19-year-old Jolie pre Hackers, the movie that gave her her big break, seductively posing in a series of pictures shot by Los Angeles photographer Marcel Indik. And by the looks of it, the brunette actress was by no means camera shy pre-fame. Angelina posed both topless and in a slinky black dress (balled up in one shot at her waist — what??) while smoking and dramatically squatting, back bending, and trying way too hard to emit that hardcore but still sexy vibe. All-in-all, the shoot crosses over "sultry" and just ventures into "trashy."

The 39-year-old of course looks beautiful (that hasn't changed), but the photo shoot verges on both forced and awkward. Then again, if we all took a trip back into our iPhotos, camera rolls, or old photo albums, I'm sure we'd think no higher of 19-year-old selves. Truth.

Images: Getty Images; camxgaga/Twitter, celebsphotosss/Twitter, socialchanneltv/Twitter