In 2015 'New Girl' Needs These New Year's Resolutions More Than True American Needs Real Rules

As far as New Girl is concerned, there's not a lot the show is doing wrong this season. As much as I hate that Nick and Jess are no longer together, the aftermath of their (super adorable) relationship is a lot less disastrous than I originally anticipated. They seemed to have made the transition back to friends and roommates rather seamlessly, and I love seeing their new relationships take form. And of the episodes we've seen so far this season, the writing and the jokes have been flawless. But no matter how awesome New Girl is, there is always room for improvement, and 2015 is quickly approaching. Fresh start or what? This is where my list of New Girl's New Year's resolutions come in.

The show isn't doing anything wrong, per se, but there are definitely things I'd love to see more or less of. I will never get tired of Jess's seemingly endless quirky wardrobe options or Schmidt's Douchebag jar-worthy one-liners, of course, but I'm definitely going to need some sort of conclusion to the Winston becoming a police officer saga. I think he would make an awesome cop, but are we ever actually going to see him in action?

There are a bunch of other things I'd like to see, too, and I think New Girl would be better for it.

More Flashbacks

New Girl is at its best when its giving us a comical glimpse into its characters backstories... especially where Schmidt's days as an overweight college student is concerned. I'm also a big fan of the flashbacks to Cece and Jess's childhood friendship, because they've always been the cutest BFFs ever. Now, though, it's time for more baby Nick and Winston and Coach sequences to enter the mix. Please let me see this. It's absolutely necessary.

More Ryan

I am absolutely in love with Jess's new British boyfriend. I think he is the best. I think he should be in every scene, shirtless. I would sit in front of my TV and watch him read the phonebook for 22 minutes, if we're being completely honest here. New Girl, let's keep him around for awhile. Maybe at least the rest of the season?

Get Schmidt & Cece back together.

I hated when New Girl turned Schmidt from a loveable douchebag to an actual douchebag last season when he was revealed to be dating Elizabeth and Cece at the same time. I think that was a huge mistake as far as character development goes, but I think he's since redeemed himself. Since the feelings are obviously still there, I'd love to see him and Cece take another crack at their relationship — for real this time. How awesome would it be for them to become the show's stable couple for the duration of its run?

More non-dating storylines for Nick and Jess

Is it just me, or have Nick and Jess's separate storylines had a lot to do with their romantic lives this season? No offense, New Girl, but there is far more to these characters than who they're dating and/or banging. Maybe this is the year Nick does something really awesome? I'm tired of hearing about how unmotivated he is. Maybe he'll become motivated. Maybe he'll buy the bar, or design a line of PJ pants (with Schmidt's help, of course) that will take off. Anything is possible!

An Updated Dating Profile for Schmidt

HelloGiggles on YouTube

Because it's been a long time since the last one, and I can't get enough of it.

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