Yaovi Maquli Amaglo Gives Air Jordans to a Bullied High School Classmate, Adding to the "Sneaker Community"

There's nothing quite like a little anti-bullying story to brighten your day, right? Northeast Guilford High School senior, Yaovi Mawuli Amaglo gave a pair of rare "Concord" Air Jordan XI's to a student he saw bullied for wearing old sneakers in his French class. According to an interview with NiceKicks.com, Amaglo overheard a student want to switch desks because he "didn't want to sit in the ugly desk." Mawuli described the student's shoes as "torn out."

High school is tough. Filled with cliques, bullying, academic success and just the awkwardness of trying to figure out who you are, it's not a time I would choose to revisit. But Amaglo may have changed that high school generalization.

It turns out, Mawuli has a history with sneakers. His family is from a small, French-speaking country named Togo in West Africa. Coming from a Third World country, Mawuli admitted he was not always fortunate enough to afford the shoes he always wanted. When he came to America, he started working mowing his neighbors lawns and taking out trash, then saving the money he earned.

His brother, who he referred to as his mentor (BRB crying), also created a Facebook group "Greensboro Sneakerheads" where local residents would offer to sell shoes, and Mawuli would tell him whether certain shoes were worth investing in or not. The brothers ran the business together until his older brother became too busy working on his master's degree. Mawuli took over the page and has been selling the shoes for almost three years.

That day reminded Mawuli of a time he was made fun of for wearing shoes that had the year 2006 on them, when it was 2008. He says he "could not leave with the fact that such a cool guy would be made fun of in this way." And it seems his deed not only encouraged students in his high school, but inspired high school students around the country to do the same.

Mawuli says he finds pleasure in helping someone else, even if it's merely to give advice. He says his contribution not only added to the "sneaker world," but also extends beyond the title to remember the importance of brotherhood and welcoming anyone into a sharing community.

"Also we must stop committing unnecessary crime over sneakers. They're just shoes but they hold a value," Mawuli told the Nike Kicks reporter.

Now entering his final semester of high school, Mawuli plans to attend college to study business administration and minor in computer science. He is also interested in joining the Navy Reserves. Seems like a perfect fit for a giving high school student.

Image: Yaovi Mawuli Amaglo/Facebook