North West Wore a Furry Coat and an Adorably Disinterested Scowl on Christmas — 7 of Her Best Coat Moments

The Kardashian Klan had an extremely lively Christmas Eve celebration, which was widely documented on Instagram by both Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner. Thanks to Kim, we got to see North West wearing an adorable furry vest, a look that is fast becoming her signature, and scowling at Santa Claus.

Little Nori sported a black vest, those tiny Doc Martens she's been seen wearing before, and diamond studs as she posed for photos with her parents and visited with Santa. My favorite image from Kim's Instagram documentation of the night is the one where Santa presents North West with a doll that she appears utterly disinterested in, probably because she heard she'd be receiving a $62,000 diamond tiara on Christmas morning.

I'm not a big fan of fur, but assuming that it's fake (if it's not fake I think I might actually cry), North West looks pretty darn cute. She has a penchant for furry black toppers, but those aren't the only coats she's been known to wear. Here's a brief round up of some other excellent North West moments in outerwear. She might never look happy in photographs, but at least she has some killer coats to ease the pain.

1. Chillin' with Santa

Furry black vest is on point.

2. Fur Vest Part Deux

The same vest made its debut at North's cousin Mason's birthday party at Disney on Ice.

3. Satin Bomber

Those little Timberlands are also killer.

4. Black Fur Again

The full-sleeved version of that vest.

5. Yeezus

Representing the family business.

6. Custom Balmain

Uggggggh. So. Jealous.

7. Like Father, Like Daughter

Style runs in the family.

Image: Instagram