Victoria Justice for 'Seventeen' Channels Marky Mark in New '90s Inspired Shoot with Those Infamous Calvin Klein Undies

The '90s are officially making a comeback — at least in fashion that is. We have already predicted that 2015 will tap into fashion trends from 1996 to include everything from bell bottoms to loafers, but there's one iconic trend that is diving into the new year in a major way. In the February issue of Seventeen, Victoria Justice rocks Calvin Klein briefs look in a 90's themed shoot — and it's honestly fantastic.

For her interpretation of the classic Marky Mark style, the Victorious actress sports those infamous undies under some belted baggy jeans, complete with a fitted crop top, for a super cool take on an oldie but goodie. According to MTV, the multi-talented star is totally feeling the '90s vibe. “I was born in the ’90s and I love the ’90′s laid-back, kind of grungy style, and, you know, the chokers and overalls, and it’s just a really cool look where you’re not, it’s not like you’re trying too hard. I’m into it.” I'm right there with you Victoria. Bring back the overalls!

After Nick Jonas wowed the world with his crotch-grabbing Marky Mark impersonation, it was only a matter of time until another celebrity hopped on the bandwagon.

While it's near impossible to compete with Jonas's steamy photos, Justice doesn't look half bad #InHerCalvins.