11 Essential New Year's Resolutions for Introverts

by Chrissa Hardy

I'm hoping that 2015 becomes a year to celebrate introverts, because our society is not always built for introverts to succeed. In school, you need to participate as often as possible, you need to socialize, and you need friends in quantity, not quality in order to be considered "cool." Then as an adult, you need to network, and you need to put yourself out there, blah, blah, blah. None of these "requirements" are of interest to introverts. We have no need for any of it. That certainly doesn't mean that introverts don't succeed. Quite the opposite, actually. But they succeed by being the underdog, by proving everyone wrong, and usually by creating their own path to success.

Also, there are so many misconceptions about introverts. We aren't all shy, socially awkward, or too sensitive. We just prefer to sort things out internally, as opposed to vocally. We prefer time to process things. We enjoy being in our own familiar comfort bubbles. We choose intimate events with very few humans, as opposed to big rambling parties with too many bodies. And we are certainly just as spectacular at life as extroverts, if not more so. For 2015, let's celebrate all that we are, by being just who we are. By not conforming to the standards and expectations of others, and by doing what makes us happiest. Here are some New Year's resolutions for introverts everywhere.

1. Stay in more, and don't apologize for it.

When a friend wants to hang out and you just aren't up for it, say that. If they know you, then they won't need excuses or any additional deets.

2. Write more.

As an introvert, you process situations internally with a million thoughts bouncing around your brain. Write it all down. Or use writing as your preferred outlet for creativity, and work on that novel you started years ago.

3. Talk less.

You probably don't talk very much as it is at work or in social settings, but this year, focus more on the art of observation. This is a practice that will help you in any imaginable situation. Because having a better understanding of how others operate, communicate, and behave is a strength, and if you're constantly talking, you cannot properly observe.

4. Don't get embarrassed when someone catches you daydreaming.

An introvert daydreaming is an introvert hard at work. Don't get bashful when someone catches you in these moments. This is where your brilliant ideas are born.

5. Take a solo vacation.

You like you, and you deserve to spend some much needed quality time with yourself. Escape, recharge, and be in your element, wherever you choose to go.

6. Get fit... alone.

Group classes or best friend workout dates are not super exciting for introverts. Some may enjoy them or feel more motivated within a group exercise setting, but most of us enjoy a solo sweat-inducing activity where we can focus on performance, or just tune out and get lost in our own thoughts until it's over.

7. Get into a new show.

Fictional friends make great company for introverts because we can get lost in a story without actually having to be part of the madness in front of us. Find a series you haven't seen, and dive right on in.

8. Cook a feast, and invite zero guests.

Let's be honest, you didn't really want to share that pot roast anyway.

9. Learn how to ghost at parties, expertly.

Why is this considered rude? It's more of a bother to announce to everyone in the group that, "Hey, I'm leaving now so everyone stop what you're doing and hug me." I mean, seriously? Leave the party when you want to leave. It doesn't need to be a whole big thing.

10. Adopt a pet.

Even if it's just a goldfish. Something that's alive that you can talk to if needed. Pets don't typically talk back, making them great listeners who also value silence.

11. Wear your introversion like a badge of honor, because it is.

Look at it this way — people may write you off as "the quiet one," but anyone who stupidly doesn't see the wonderful qualities and strengths you possess will have their jaws land on the floor when you decide to take over the world. They'll never see you coming, you incredible specimen, you.

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