7 New Year's Resolutions to Try Out in 2015 That Are Anything But Cliche

I'm pretty much the queen of New Year's resolutions. If you ask me, around January (or probably even mid-December, let's be honest), I could probably show you a Word document filled with resolutions, down to the smallest details. I don't just plan to exercise more; I'll schedule which workout classes I'll be going to each day, what healthy meals I'll eat, and when. I don't just say I'll write in my journal more; it's usually more like "write at least 1,000 words a day." When it comes to resolutions, I go big. Admittedly, this doesn't always work out very well. When there are a dozen different, detailed resolutions to keep up with, I'm more likely to forget about all of them than really, truly stick with one of them.

Granted, the planning of it all feels pretty good — the hope for the new year, the confidence that I'll accomplish it all. It's nice. But do I accomplish all those resolutions? Do I follow through? More often than not, the answer is no. So many of the resolutions I mentioned above — the ones I still make year after year — are what everyone else sets goals for as well. People always want to lose weight, start a new diet, expand their friend group, fall in love. Those are all great goals, but let's face it... they're a little cliché. For 2015, what if we took all those overused resolutions and turned them upside down? What if we tried the opposite of all those resolutions? What would happen then? If you're unsure what the heck I'm talking about, stick with me. Here are seven completely non-cliché resolutions you should try for the new year, and why.

1. Quit ALL Diets

So many people start the new year with a certain diet in mind. More often than not, I'm that person, too. Year after year, on January 1st, I tell myself things will be different. I'll start whatever diet I think will work the fastest. But what if we forgot about all those diets? What if we threw those diets out the window, and told ourselves that on January 1st those late-night trips for ice cream wouldn't stop altogether, but maybe they would become a little less frequent. What if we stopped planning to turn our eating habits upside down, and instead focused on balance? You know — French fries now, spinning later. Or some days maybe no spinning. Some days no French fries. You get the idea.

2. Make Your Friend Group SMALLER

I know a lot of people who go into the new year wanting to make more friends (I've been there too). So many people think that their friend group is too small, too limited — and it's true that sometimes maybe that's the case. But no matter how small your friend group is, odds are that you're friends with one person who, well, isn't really adding any positivity to your life. Why not enter the new year aiming to only focus on the people who lift you up, and eliminate the people who bring you down? Forget about how many friends you have, and just focus on quality.

3. Stay Single On Purpose

Even if we don't admit it, I'm sure that many people can relate to entering the new year with at least the dream of falling in love. Maybe we don't verbalize it, or write it down, or even admit it to ourselves, but it's there. And it's OK to want that — more than OK, it's great to have that hope, that goal. But here's an idea: What if you stayed single on purpose? What if you forgot about the search for someone, and simply made a deal with yourself to forget about it for 365 days? Make a promise to date yourself, if you will. But more on that in a minute.

4. Stop Weighing Yourself

Many of us spend the holidays on an extended cheat day, eating whatever we want and thinking, "On January 1st, I'll weigh myself, see the damage, and go from there." But what if you stopped beating yourself up for not hitting a number on the scale, and aimed for balance instead? How you feel is much more important than a number at the end of the day.

5. Spend More Time Alone

Instead of aiming to be more social, make a point to spend time alone. Being introspective is underrated. And, honestly, it's difficult to know what you want out of your social life if you haven't really gotten to know yourself completely.

6. Be Selfish

A lot of people aim to give back more at the start of a new year. That, of course, is great; there's no denying that. But I think that there's something to be said for being a little selfish. For saying "no" when you really, truly don't want to do something. If you don't want to go out some nights, don't be scared to say no thanks. Be true to yourself, and try not to think about what that means for everyone else.

7. Treat Yourself — Or Someone Else

Trying to save money in 2015? Good for you. But what if you aimed to spend money this coming year? OK, yes, this might sound insane, but think about it for a second. What if you spent just as much money, but in a more thoughtful way? Buy a special gift for someone just because. Treat yourself to a new haircut or a designer purse if you feel like it and can afford it. Throw away a whole paycheck on a bucket list type of trip. Be smart, of course, but don't be afraid to indulge yourself or someone else with your hard-earned cash as well. You might be surprised how good it makes you feel if you spend it thoughtfully.

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