'Sister Wives' Janelle Is Feuding with Another Wife, But Which One? Season 5 Will Return on an Emotional Note

As of Sunday, Jan. 4, TLC's Sister Wives are officially back in business and predictably, they're bringing a ton of drama with them. It hasn't been a secret that the move to Las Vegas has been pretty hard on the entire Brown family, but now that they have their gorgeous houses on the cul de sac, things have to be getting better, right? Not necessarily — and especially not for Sister Wives ' Janelle. Kody's second wife seems to be struggling this season, and one of her fellow wives may be to blame. Now, we have a mystery to solve: which wife is Janelle having issues with?

According to a recent sneak peek released by TLC, Janelle is dealing with a problem she has with one of her sister wives, and swears it isn't because of Robyn's recent announcement (which is still left mysterious). But regardless of what she's willing to tell the cameras, something is up, and until we see the season premiere on Sunday, any guess is as good as another. According to TV Guide's summary of Sunday's episode, "Janelle sees a therapist to discuss a sensitive matter involving her and one of the other wives." It's definitely intriguing, but we have no idea what that sensitive matter is. After all, it's not like the Sister Wives are the kind of reality stars who air out their dirty laundry on Twitter... although I do wish with every fiber of my being that they were. Watch the sneak peek below.

After seeing that, let's try to figure this out. Who's Janelle struggling with?


I know Janelle says she doesn't care about Robyn's announcement, but that could be a lie. Maybe the announcement is that Robyn is pregnant, and Janelle harbors some jealousy towards her, either for having another child or getting more attention from Kody because of it. Or maybe Robyn's not pregnant, but the announcement still puts a strain on their relationship.


When we left her last season, Meri was becoming a new woman — thinking about enrolling in college classes, starting a new career, and basically taking charge of her life. Since Janelle feels like she's been robbed of her identity now that she no longer has the job she loved so much back in Utah, could that be causing a little friction between the two of them? I wouldn't entirely blame her if it was. Now that Meri's only child is in college and out of the house, she has a lot more time to pursue her own interests, and it might be hard for Janelle to see that after leaving her job.


Like Christine says to Janelle in the clip above, she's the one who's had it the easiest in their move, and Janelle's the one who's had the most difficult time adapting. This could be a recipe for resentment.

Images: TLC