'Sister Wives' Needs To Answer These Questions

It's hard out there for a Sister Wives fan these days. It's been a solid three months since the Season 5 finale aired, and so far, there are no announcements of when Season 6 might begin in sight. And let's not forget about the fact that the show left about a billion loose ends untied... with exactly no useful information handed out in the Tell All special that followed, either. Fortunately, My Five Wives has been airing during this terrible Sister Wives drought, but being that Williams family patriarch Brady is even more annoying than Kody Brown, it isn't doing much in the way of making me miss Sister Wives less than I already do. There are few things in this world better than a TLC reality show, but the Browns definitely hold the title for favorite polygamist family in my heart.

Eventually, though, the day will come when my favorite sister wives are back on TLC's airwaves, and it'll be time to catch up with Meri, Janelle, Robyn, and Christine again — and all 17 of their children. When that happens (I'm betting sometime in early 2015), I want to be prepared. There are a few questions on my mind that I need answers to when the next season airs, and if Kody wants to get a haircut in the meantime, I wouldn't be upset about it.

Is Robyn Pregnant?

Sister Wives left us wondering whether or not Kody's most recent wife was expecting, and I'm dying to know what's up. From what I've seen from stalking her Twitter, it doesn't look like she's pregnant, but I could totally be wrong. Plus, I need all the details. I'm hoping for a Sister Wives pregnancy in the near future, but mostly because I want to see if they can beat the Williams out in numbers.

Is Meri Going to College?

Meri has officially decided to go back to school, and I've never been more proud of a complete stranger. Now that her only daughter, Mariah, is out of the house, it's high time she did something for herself. Heading back to get her degree has always been a dream of hers, and I hope she doesn't let her family guilt her out of getting what she wants.

Are they ever going to shut down My Sisterwife's Closet?

That business is doomed if they don't create better products at more reasonable prices. At this point, it's been struggling along for so long that, every time they talk about their business, I feel like I'm watching a trainwreck in slow motion. Just shut it down, guys.

Will the teenagers ever get more screen time?

The oldest Brown children are the highlight of the show, and their lives interest me far more than the lives of their parents. More of them, please!

Will the wives ever collectively decide to divorce Kody?

As much as I'm fascinated by their polygamist lifestyle, I'm secretly hoping that the wives come to their senses and make a break for it. Kody's a huge douchebag, and these kind, big-hearted women deserve someone who treats them better. Plus, I'm just so tired of watching Kody flip his hair.

Images: TLC (4), My Sisterwife's Closet