'Sister Wives' My Sisterwife's Closet Jewelry Business Is Still Kicking & Has Made Some Positive Changes

Here's the thing: From the minute Sister Wives' Robyn first had the brainchild that is now known as My Sisterwife's Closet, I have been 100 percent against it. It's not exactly a secret that, at first, the jewelry they offered was both overpriced and a little tacky, and appealed to way too small an audience. Not everyone is interested in wearing the names of important moral values around their neck, Brown family. But despite the fact that the business nearly failed, it trucked on, and the family managed to find an investor to back their project and keep it alive. And as of today? Surprisingly enough, My Sisterwife's Closet is still kicking.

How did it manage to hang on? It's pretty simple: They started offering better merchandise at more realistic prices. While their old stuff that I'm not very into is still available on the website for those who like that kind of thing, they've added a bunch of new items that are actually kind of cute. In fact, there are even items that I would consider buying, and I am a very, very picky shopper.

So now that My Sisterwife's Closet has expanded their target audience, here are a few of the best items they have to offer.

Natural Bath Products

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This soap smells like coffee, and it's super fancy, like the stuff you get at Lush. And at $7.99, it's actually pretty cheap. Plus, you get the My Sisterwife's Closet logo on there, staring at you every time you take a shower. What more could you want?

Layered Bracelet

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Two things I really love in this world: Skinny bracelets and anything and everything mint colored. Together, they make a winning combination. They're so cute and dainty!

Earring Hanger

Travel Organizer Hanger, $35, MSW Closet

You know where I keep my earrings? Me neither, because I don't have an earring hanger. They're basically all over my room, and every time I get dressed is like a giant scavenger hunt. Besides, who doesn't love organizational products?

Powerful Watch

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I don't know why this is called a "Powerful Watch," but I like it. In fact, I will buy anything if it comes in rose gold. Is that OK in 2015? Is rose gold out? If it is, please don't tell me. I want to live in ignorance.

Chilly Boot Cuffs

Cable Knit Boot Cuffs, $9, MSW Closet

I am totally into the boot sock trend, and these are super adorable. Lace! Buttons! And they look so warm! I might actually buy these. P.S., please don't ask me why this picture from their website is so bizarre.

Images: TLC; My Sisterwife's Closet (5)