The Top 10 Trending Cocktail Recipes On Google From 2014 And How To Update Them For The New Year

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When Google released its list of top trending topics and searches for 2014, I read it immediately because I’m a nerd and I like that kind of stuff. I love finding out what type of things people were searching for, like recipes they wanted to learn how to make. Google also showed us exactly what everyone wanted to drink this year with its list of most frequently searched for cocktails. None of them are very surprising — they’re all classic drinks that most people love. But most people should also know how to make these, because why spend $14 on a margarita if you could make one for yourself at home?

These are all great staple recipes to know when you throw a party or want to bring something to a get-together. Or, you know, when you just want to drink by yourself. Check out these popular cocktail recipes, along with more fun, updated versions that you’ll definitely fall in love with in 2015.

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