Scotland's First Same-Sex Wedding Was The Perfect Way To Bring In The New Year

John Oliver told us that NYE was the worst, but for gay couples in Scotland it marks a new beginning. Scotland's first same-sex marriage was on New Year's Eve minutes after midnight in a one-two punch of champagne-fueled festiveness. Take that, Oliver.

Joe Schofield and Malcolm Brown were married at the Trades Hall in Glasgow with politicians and notable Scottish figures in attendance. Susan and Gerrie Douglas-Scott opted for a private Glasgow ceremony with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Scottish Green Party co-convener Patrick Harvie serving as witnesses. The couples wed on Hogmanay, the Scots' word for the last day of the year. Maybe that is why they managed to skirt Oliver's New Year's curse?

The UK has been slower than (some of) the U.S. in adopting gay marriage laws. Same-sex marriage was just legalized earlier this year, with the first marriages in England and Wales held in March. However, 15 states in the U.S. still don't allow gay marriage, where as passages in the UK affect entire countries.

The Hogmanay newlyweds aren't the first to take advantage of Scotland's Marriage and Civil Partnership bill, which went into affect on Dec. 16. Over 250 couples have made their existing civil partnerships into marriages, such as this ridiculously good-looking couple:

But the first weddings are making for a festive Hogmanay. It appears that marriages continued back-to-back.

So if you're still skeptical about New Year's Eve, grab your Korbel and celebrate Hogmanay instead. Congratulations to the happy couples! Here's hoping 2015 turns up even more victories for human rights!

Images: Getty Images