Aliza Licht, aka DKNY PR Girl, Gets a Book Deal; Here's What We Want to See In the Pages

Aliza Licht, the witty voice behind the famous DKNY PR Girl Twitter feed, announced on Friday via Instagram that she's been offered a book deal, according to Fashionista. The 75,000 word book, due in April, will give a little bit more space for Licht to muse than her usual 140 character limit. Here's what we're hoping to see land in the book.

1. What it's like to never shut down. Does Facebook make us unhappy? Does Instagram lower our self-esteem? Does Twitter make us socially awkward? We've all heard the different commentaries on how our constant connection to the Internet is bad for us. But after Louis C.K's devastatingly insightful view on what smartphones are doing to us, we'd be interested in hearing Licht's view — seeing as she's made her career and life out of being constantly connected.

2. A different version of the ending of Gossip Girl. We're just kidding. Kind of. But Licht's hilarious live-tweeting of Gossip Girl always made the show that much better. And we're still kind of salty about the ending.

3. Who she would like to see on Twitter. Jonathan Franzen perhaps? It would be nice to know who's Twitter potential she thinks is still untapped.

4. More Fashion Week nightmare stories. We love her #showrequests about people trying to sneak into the fashion shows. We'd love to get a more in-depth look on the trials and tribulations.

5. The downsides of "coming out" to the world. We love her funny and light-hearted tone on Twitter, but we've always wondered if there is a downside to being Twitter famous (but not celebrity famous).