Drake's Latest Outfit Makes a Statement

I can't say I've given Drake much thought since his Degrassi: The Next Generation days, but his latest Instagram has me paying attention. Drake wore a Chanel poncho that is, well, A LOT. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't he normally wear backwards baseball caps and jeans? To say this is an unexpected look from the R&B sensation would be an understatement.

Drake debuted the heavily textured knit on his Instagram account and captioned the snap "Chanel poncho like tonto." Sending some major side-eye his way for that particular joke. He layered the festive red, black, and white fringed piece over a white hoodie for a wholly questionable ensemble. Perhaps he was just super cold that day? There's just no other excuse for combining a hoodie and a poncho in one outfit.

I'm not hating on Drake for branching out style-wise, but ponchos weird me out to begin with and this particular one does nothing for him. It's just so... big and shapeless. If Drake is going to pump up his wardrobe, I think he should focus on sleek blazers instead of chunky ponchos — even if they happen to be Karl Lagerfeld-approved.

Between this, Jared Leto's, well, everything, and Justin Bieber's sweater dress, I think 2014 can henceforth be known as The Year Dude Fashion Got Weird.