Justin Tried to Make a Men's Sweater Dress Happen

2014 was a rough year for The Biebs — and by "rough," I mean 2014 was the year The Biebs officially became a caricature of himself. Between his multiple arrests, that one really douchy deposition, and his increasingly thirsty Instagram account (obnoxious shirtless selfies, pictures of ex-girlfriend Selena "Most Elegant Princess in the World" Gomez), the once cherubic pop singer is officially going through the "Lohan phase" of child stardom. Now, this identity crisis of sorts has resulted in Justin Bieber wearing a sweater dress to go skateboarding in NYC. Yes, really.

Bieber, whose bleached blonde hair recently made headlines, was spotted going all Lords of Dogtown near Madison Square Garden wearing a black hoodie layered over a LEGITIMATE SWEATER DRESS that came to about mid-thigh. He layered that over a pair of leather pants, then added a baseball cap for maximum douchebaggery. I. Can't. Even.

A style icon Bieber certainly is not, but still, this is a new low from him. Perhaps the men's sweater dress would work better if it fit properly, but his is so tight you can see the outlines of his pecs and rib cage. It's like he's trying to be shirtless even when he's wearing a shirt. Thanks, but no thanks.

Look! He even has to gather up the hem all Cinderella-like in order to properly skateboard. If any dude is to pull off the sweater dress, it would be Jared Leto and his ombre hair. Justin Bieber just doesn't have the fashion chops.