This Is What Times Square Looks Like Right Now

by Catie Keck

Watching the ball drop in Times Square is a seasoned tradition and one in which you should participate at least once in your lifetime. But feel free to do this from the comfort of your own home on any cable TV, because presently, this is what Times Square looks like by noon on New Year’s Eve. If you have never set foot in Times Square (congrats), navigating its usual trickle of aloof and disoriented sightseers is already a painful experience (for both visitors and locals alike). However, trying to move through a human sea of tens of thousands of people is what I would categorize unequivocally as a living nightmare.

Recently we brought you 9 Reasons to Stay In on New Year’s Eve, a pragmatic list detailing the extents to which the holiday is grossly overrated. Chrissa Hardy perhaps sums up the best reason to pull a night-in by saying, “Everyone is everywhere on NYE.” Which is true, but specifically everywhere is Times Square, and everyone is smashed together and drunk with alcohol and the anxiety of being trapped by a person-cage. Times Square on New Year’s is like a self-induced prison sentence for your soul.

Still need photographic proof to dissuade you from making a horrible error? Look no further than the below tweets:

Absolutely not.

Image: BeneSebag/Twitter